About Us

About Us

The Boochcraft Story

Boochcraft is an artisan kombucha, handcrafted and brewed with an uncompromised commitment to quality and taste. Adventurous flavor profiles meet high quality ingredients to produce a new beverage of choice for an active lifestyle. Combining proven brewing techniques from the craft beer industry with the traditional methods of kombucha fermentation, Boochcraft is blazing the trail with a high alcohol option in addition to the classic style kombucha.

We are the only brewery in Southern California offering a high alcohol kombucha (7.0% ABV), breaking down barriers by providing a healthy alternative to social drinking.

Our state of the art facility was built employing many techniques of the craft beer industry while customizing for the kombucha brewing process.  Each batch of kombucha is brewed and flavored with fresh pressed juice from our cold press.  Carbonation control is employed to ensure perfect carbonation in every bottle and keg.

Each batch of Boochcraft delivers:

allbottlesUnique Flavor Profiles: Boochcraft treats its kombucha as a consumable masterpiece, with each ingredient chosen carefully to produce delicious and refreshing qualities that compliment each other to perfection.

Exhilaration: Everything about Boochcraft from the unique flavor combinations and bright colors to the bubbly carbonation is designed to deliver a fun and exciting social beverage. Our kombucha can be enjoyed throughout an active day or as a libation with friends at night. No longer do you have to compromise your social life.

Health Benefits: Our kombucha is filled with healthy probiotics, vitamins and minerals. Probiotics can improve immune function, restore digestive balance, and help maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

Social Responsibility: Above all we are dedicated to giving back to the community that supports us. To show our gratitude, 1% of proceeds are donated to local charities that educate and foster sustainable food communities.


  • Commitment to Quality – Our commitment to quality is unwavering, we carefully hand selected our farmers and ingredients to ensure the best tasting kombucha
  • Organic and Non-GMO – All our ingredients are organic and non-GMO
  • Locally Sourced – Aside from the tea, sourcing products locally is always a goal of ours; each product is bought according to season and availability and we’re always looking close to home for each ingredient whenever possible
  • Gluten Free – Our kombucha is 100% Gluten Free, no gluten is ever processed in our facility
  • Fluoride and Chlorine Free – All water in our kombucha has been filtered to remove heavy metals

The Team

Adam Hiner – Founder/Stunt Manadam

Coming from a background in business management and finance Adam has managed a diverse number of businesses including his own. He has been involved in many start-ups including an online mortgage company, valet service, catering business and local restaurant. Adam has been brewing kombucha for over 10 years and began brewing for retail sale at his own restaurant in 2011. Local Habit was the first restaurant in San Diego to offer kombucha on tap and likely one of the first in the country. Adam’s true passions include acroyoga, surfing, rock climbing, organic gardening, cooking and pretty much anything active and outdoors.

Andrew Clark – Founder/Boochmaster

Hailing from the hip dry desert town of Tucson where its dryness makes San Diego look like a tropical rain forest – Andrew has become a self certified quench master. There isn’t much he doesn’t like to geek out on but brewing beer and kombucha perches atop the list. With over 10 years experience brewing beer, wine, cider, mead, and (of course) kombucha, there isn’t much he’s shy to when it comes to fermentation.  When he’s not fine tuning kombucha recipes and tinkering with the brewery equipment, you’ll find Andrew tending to his urban farm comprising chickens, bees, and worms.

Todd Kent – Founder/Square Pushertodd

Todd is a serial entrepreneur. At 15 he started his own fence repair and lawn mowing business, fast forward 22 years and now he sits a top three successful San Diego corporations operating in the areas of Retail, Wholesale / Distribution as well as Commodity Importing. Creating a culture of community at each business is a goal of Todd’s and he really looks to create that “family feeling” inside the office. Driven and dedicated there is nothing he can’t accomplish. When not working you can find Todd blazing a trail in many other arenas including endurance racing, acro yoga, rock climbing, body work and being a dad to two amazing daughters. Watch out for his mischievous curiosity…after all the name Todd does mean fox.